Heavy Duty Folding Sample Shelf Bracket and Support Brackets for Portable Wall Shelves BG018

Heavy Duty Folding Sample Shelf Bracket And Support Brackets For Portable Wall Shelves

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Product Introduction

Model number


Product name

Heavy Duty Folding Sample Shelf Bracket And Support Brackets For Portable Wall Shelves

Product series

Gridwall brackets


Gridwall support


Solid metal


Silver, other colors are available




300mm (12")


Free sample

Gridwall Bracket comes out 12" from Grid to hold Rectangular Bar, black powder coated surface. Use shelves, hooks, shelf brackets, and J rack attachments to grid panel mesh display almost any product in the space you have. Its also a good ideal for trade show booth due to its easy set up and take down. Gridwall shelving hooks and brackets securely into gridwall and will help you merchandise any item that you want to sit upright.

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