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May 04, 2017

How to install your display when receive VICTOE DISPLAY PRODUCTS

Customers wondering how to install our products after receive it, it is not a problem because we will offer the detailed set-up instruction 

Here is a example

Step 1
Place the Holder over the hangrail as shown in Figure 1.
(The hangrail is not included with hanger).
Make sure the snap button snaps securely underneath the hangrail as
shown in Figure 2
Step 2
Place iron in holder. The cord may either be placed inside lower wires or
wrapped around the wires. Figure 3
Make sure to leave 8”-10” of the cord loose, so the iron may be picked up
and viewed by the customer. Figure 4
Step 3
Repeat for each holder needed.
Step 4
Place Fact Tag in pocket on front plate. Figure 5
Step 5
To remove holder, press snap button in and lift off of hangrail. Figure 6

Victor Display Instruction.jpg