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Significance Of Shelves

Oct 27, 2016

Filed shelf may everyone are has is familiar, from China old of medicine shop in drug Cabinet to modern all kinds of Mall shop in by with of various shelf, to large stereo warehouse in of steel or more advanced of material by made of shelf, are is people by familiar of, but again deep a layer of into to professional of angle, shelf, may on no how many people know has.

The development of modern logistics, is the emergence and development of warehouse premises, is commensurate with the development of industry, science and technology. Modern mass production, promote socialization and specialization of industrial production, more and more centralized. Production of highly mechanized, automated distribution supplied necessary supplies timely, prompt and accurate. This prompted the rapid development of warehouse technology and has become a symbol of high technology in the plant design.

For spatial planning must be classified first, understand the use of each space, then evaluated with respect to the choice of weights, assessment, after comparison of the weight of the design layout. If the planning and design of storage space is limited and cannot be changed, you would seek ways to limit utilization of available storage space. This higher demands on the shelves. The emergence of modern warehouses, promotes the development of the shelf.