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Shelves On The Internet Plays A Very Important Role In The Logistics Activities

Oct 27, 2016

Refers to store goods shelf warehouse shelves. Warehouse equipment, shelves and customer demand for personalized needs significantly more for storing different items. Shelf refers specifically to store the items of storage devices.

Storage shelf is no longer a simple shelf to store items, but evolved into a diversity and complexity as one, integrated warehousing and logistics equipment, systems and products from the general store features developed into a warehousing-logistics and distribution, picking features of various racking systems.

Shelf industry is no longer a simple low-tech industry, but more professional and technical cross-merge application technology-intensive industries.

Storage shelves play a very important role in the logistics and warehouse, with the development of modern industry, significant increase in volume, to realize the modernization of warehouse management, improve the functioning of the warehouse, shelves requires not only quantity, but also multifunctional and mechanization, automation requirements. role and function of shelf.

Shelves in the modern logistics activities, plays a very important role in modernization of warehouse management, types, functions have a direct relationship with the shelf. But as the market expanded, shelves and customer demand for increased number of individual needs for a different item, shelf company increasing number of personnel working in technology, on the shelf mechanical and structural studies more closely, also emerged a group of industry well-known domestic enterprises. Types of shelves from the one or two today about more than 20 kinds, from a few meters high energy current nearly 30 meters high, developed from a single manual storage functions into sets of automated storage and information management as a whole.