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Industry Watch: Still Need To Guide The Shelf Market

Oct 27, 2016

Total logistics in 2012 to 150 trillion yuan, shelf demand nearly 580,000 tons, compared with 2011, growth reached 30%, shelf industry maintained a good development momentum, rising shelf needs increase exponentially in recent years, market share and industry profits have broad space for development.

2012 high warehouse shelves in the shelves in market demand accounted for the highest proportion, accounting for about 10%~15%, followed by Loft platform series racks, accounting for about 5%~10%; are pallet racking and light medium shelf again. In terms of market share, high warehouse racking and mezzanine platforms category shelf production more profitable, relatively moderate market competition, the larger market share and pallet racking and light medium shelf product with low profit margins, competition is fierce, the less market share.

Shelf industry has developed into depending on the material size, weight, and access and developed a series of different types of products, shelf industry connotations have become mechanical design, warehouse automation, logistics planning, warehouse management and other disciplines for the integrated industries.

Judging from the current shelf industry development, national implementation of the expansion of domestic demand to drive economic growth effect, added clothing, consumer goods industry and the market demand for shelves, shelf industry development trend is good. From the shelves of the main production base, and internal shelves are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta area, shelves of products on the market 70% from Nanjing, 20% from Shanghai.

Comprehensive analysis, the racking industry in our country a good momentum of development, market development space and, in addition, shelf production imbalance is more prominent.

With the development of logistics industry, supermarkets in the regions of popularization, 2013 shelf industry is expected to make more rapid progress, continued market share gains and circulation is more complicated at the same time, more strict with the shelf product. Meet the special storage conditions, automatic retrieval and sorting, as well as reflect the product's features, attracting the attention of consumers presents a more varied in terms of development and change.