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Goods Shelf Layout

Oct 27, 2016

According to psychological research, one vertical horizons are wider than the horizontal field of vision, sight up and down vertically than horizontally move easily on display to change the traditional method of horizontal display method for vertical display, exhibition of art and art sales. Customer purchases will be on display in shelves easy to pickup location, try to teach good exhibitions to make the customer to withdraw goods from different locations, directions, and a different proportion of the stores received three customer varies. Named buy industries, for example, pharmacies receive many customers are purposeful shoppers, interior layout features should be the first. Customers choose to buy in a certain range of industries such as stationery stores, food stores, etc. Design should pay attention to the order and order. 

Choose to purchase, such as boutiques, jewelry stores, toy stores. Design of space environment should be made attractive. Guarantee has more than 80% per cent of the goods on the shelves, to facilitate customers to buy; avoid different types of product mix. In Hall's interior is also very particular about the first division according to the commodity category for Railway Express in design should make the uniform distribution of a layer of markets, avoid the crowded West-East dilute light North or South. Supermarkets supermarkets in predominantly food decoration, decorate everyday life at the population required food to attract customers, purchasing, export some chewing gum, cigarettes, magazines and other merchandise, and leave the customer checkout purchase; non food supermarkets highlights the major commodities. Consumers can be divided into conscious attention and intention to pay attention to the two classes. Consumers ' unconscious attention, is that the consumer has no clear goals or purpose, involuntarily under the influence of external stimuli on certain articles of note. This note, you do not need people with the will of the effort to stimulate consumer purchase behavior is of great significance. Shelves in supermarkets and modern warehouse is the essential thing. Make full use of the shelves in the supermarket, on the one hand can enhance the image of supermarkets, on the other hand can expand the limited space, increased sales; storage shelves in addition to increasing storage capacity, another important function is to increase the efficiency of the flow of goods. With the growing competition in the supermarket and the rapid development of modern industry, use shelves to improved supermarket distribution and warehouse management efficiency is extremely important.