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Current Shelf Industry Development Present Situation And Trends

Oct 27, 2016

Shelf industry became an industry can date back to the last century the 890. Germany and Hong Kong companies established in Nanjing in the late 80 early 90 set storage equipment company, main production and storage shelves, investors began to see shelf industry development prospect in China. Then Switzerland enterprises have been established in Shanghai shelf company, shelf production technology developed in China since. With the shelves of local technical improvement, in order to save costs, more choices of foreign purchasing local shelves, shelf industry in China.

Shelf industry of our country

Shelf industry benefited from the following conditions:

One is the introduction of technology, foreign-shelf technology, city, reform and opening up policy, China continues to attract overseas investors to invest and build factories, increasing capital capacity expansion, brought the expanding demand for shelf. First batch of enterprises to train a group of local shelf the shelf technicians and rack sales.

Second, the industry needs, after China's accession to the WTO, trades in line with international standards. Such as: national GMP certification in the pharmaceutical industry, is the standardized warehouse management, you must use the shelves, trays and other storage facilities to ensure the health, safety, and efficiency. All walks of life are recognized to varying degrees in the third profit source of enterprises--logistics.

Third, technology driven industries in cooperation with the information technology hardware is required in the process of implementing. The rise of automated warehouse is the warehouse management software and logistics equipment, shelves, trays, forklift use.