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Clear New Bad Breath Tips

Oct 27, 2016

Display racks for the new factory according to the different material, some material when newly produced some smells, which is now unavoidable in the process of emerging issues, but when customers get a display rack to do some processing to reduce odor.

First, the smell of orange peels. This is actually a method used to taste and make spaghetti, to taste the special and effective. After some fresh orange peel, leaving the orange peel and wash and dry, you can also choose to dry, and then placed in the corners of the showcase, also put some dispersion, and after a few days, you can completely remove the smell, display an orange scent.

Second, incidentally, in addition to using orange peels to remove odor outside, lemon can also be used in addition to taste, lemon scent in itself, but also contains citric acid, so you can use lemon slices placed in display, can effectively remove odor.

Third, use charcoal in addition to taste. Select the right amount of charcoal, charcoal can be crushed and broken charcoal cloth bags up, more similar to the small bag, put in display, except taste particularly good, relative method is also very simple.

In addition, there are many small coup for new factory display with the odor to odor, odor display is used to display merchandise, have their due effect.