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Application And Characteristics Of Materials On Display

Oct 27, 2016

Display range on the market, but are these kinds of materials: acrylic display stands, metal display rack, wooden display racks, PVC display, paper display, composite display. Each material has its own advantages and scenario, and exquisite display 11 display manufacturing experience, a unique understanding of display materials, here for everyone to share some properties of different materials display.

PVC is amorphous white powder, degree, the relative density of 1.4 per cent, good mechanical properties tensile strength 60MPa, PVC display light, easy processing, low cost, can also be done on the display offset printing, so PVC for general small product display stands, low cost, light weight, easy to move.

Paper quality show frame printing convenient, is is good of advertising carrier, by printing paper and high hardness cardboard, enough to hosted promotions commodity, and meet strictly of environmental requirements, applies various large promotions activities, and stores, and Mall, and exhibition,, pattern, and color, and styling can free innovation design, publicity effect very better, weight light, can assessment flat stack put, save transport logistics cost, can anti-repeatedly using, economic and extremely practical, manufacturers using finished, as for products appearance pattern, factors improved, abandoned recycling sector convenient. According to the requirements of customers and hosting different paper match, in combination with other materials (metal, wood, plastics, etc) exhibition of mixed structure, the disadvantage is that short life, not easy to show outdoor stores, wet rain effect on the paper display larger, relative to other materials, paper display more easily deformed, wrinkled skin, and so on.