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Welding technology of stainless steel wire mesh baskets sterilization basket washing basket

Oct 27, 2016

Method of welding technology and welding of stainless steel mesh baskets, Anping are abundant production of stainless steel wire mesh basket bowls, stainless steel basket, stainless steel basket, wire diameter ranging from 1mm~10MM.

For Tig welding requires high levels of demand for Argon-arc welding of tungsten needle first choice: cerium and w electrode should I choose, cerium tungsten electrodes radioactive least harmful to the human body, and presumably other thorium, lanthanum tungsten electrodes, tungsten electrodes, tungsten electrodes, zirconium yttrium tungsten electrodes, tungsten electrodes. Against small, volatilities, and tungsten have higher melting point, high strength, thermal conductivity of small, high-temperature volatilization of advantages, suitable as a non consumable electrode. Ceriated tungsten grey low current arcing is small, non-radioactive, stable current.

Welding of stainless steels in particular filament, filament of this and challenging and needs a long time of experience to be able to do, seamless, solid welding, not drilling, and so on. Anping was the production of stainless steel basket, sterilization baskets, washing baskets, mesh baskets for medical product quality hard, beautiful appearance, has a group of professional production team, for welding and grinding. With great patience, uphold and meticulous work style. Seriously deal with each customer, even for a sample. Will be impeccable.

TIG welding: DC argon arc welding of tungsten electrode and workpiece cathode DC are answered. Tungsten negative electrode and electronic thermal emission, therefore, stable welding arc and tungsten electrode generates heat small, tungsten electrode long life; work for the anode produces heat, weld forming. General DC connection for welding of steel materials.