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the requirements of Supermarket shelves hook display

Jun 07, 2017

Supermarket shelves hook display is also known as mounted display, this is a way to display shelves, the purpose is to hang simple feeling, flat, elongated products in a fixed peg or rotating hook, and then show the display effect of merchandise.Common hanging display items such as batteries, hardware, toys, kitchen utensils, etc.

Victor (Xiamen) Industry and Trade Co., Ltd supply the biggest variaty of display hooks and other displays. 

1, height and number of layers

Suspended display according to the length and thickness of the hanging goods to determine the general display is top-down display, the upper shelf hook fixed fire, adjust the horizontal spacing, spacing to commodity width as a benchmark to not block each other Collision is best. Each hook display the number of goods should not be too much, 5-6 for the better. Top-down display can ensure that the upper display of the neatness of the bottom of the height of the product is not enough height. The bottom of the shelves can be used to display goods on the floor, as a temporary turnover.

2, the stability of the product hanging

The goods can not touch on the fall, if this look is the quality of the hook itself or linked to the goods caused by too much, if there is easy to fall the phenomenon, you can consider the replacement of wave-type double hook, or with anti- Head of the hook.

3, set up in the channel hook display

Should not affect the passage, avoid hanging goods too complex and complex, affecting the desire of customers into the store

4, hanging display method should not be used too much

Suspension display is a very way to use, should not be used in large quantities, can be used with ordinary layer board display. At the same time, hanging the first display of goods is beautiful, no beautiful display, no way to attract customers.

The above is the Jinan industry God supermarket shelves commonly used several kinds of display, hope to help everyone, concerned about the micro-signal: God manufacturing shelves, you can learn more convenience store business information.