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Storage shelf Setup needs to pay attention to what

Oct 27, 2016

Storage shelves in Ningbo, a launch on the market, used more and more in the market, has a very important role in the market, for installing storage shelves, what do I need? 


1. pay attention to the planning and design of storage shelves installed, you first need to note is concerned in the planning and design, installation need attention in planning and design needs, demand for storage shelves on the size, location, height requirements for each tier, is needed.   

2. takes note of materials purchased storage shelves installed, also note that is in material purchase attention, attention in the materials purchased, the concern on the need to pay attention to the choice of materials, ensure timely stacked requirements, note ensure the security needs on the stack and avoid material losses.   

3. takes note of security storage shelf installation, final note is prepared on the security, storage shelves in the installation process, you may need to prepare scaffolding as well as welding equipment, storage shelves during the installation process, note prepared in the protection and guarantee functions. To sum up, installation of storage shelves, calling attention to these, for storage shelves installed effect rationality, installed quality assurance is necessary.