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Shelves several considerations for use and maintenance

Oct 27, 2016

While the shelves are made of, but the right shelf and maintenance is necessary. Because correct use can reduce the damage the shelf, reducing unnecessary costs, such as warehouse management, can save a is equivalent to making a buck. Regular maintenance can extend shelf life, even if your warehouse management for a batch after batch, your shelves are still standing in the warehouse. Well, chatter, he says so much, here are several considerations for using and maintaining the shelves.

First´╝îWhile the shelves have done a surface treatment, but to pay attention to moisture during use. Shelves humidity need to be wiped clean with a rag to avoid rack rusting, especially note the interface shelf position, it is relatively easy to rust.

Second, in the rack do not overload. Each shelf has its largest carrier, in its design, was doomed, so in use don't load so as to avoid security risks.

Third, we should pay attention to the dimensions of the goods, not super high and wide. Dimensions of pallets and goods should be less than the shelves within dimensions of 100mm.

Four lighter, cargo handling in the process of with care, avoid hitting shelves.

Five, to comply with the shelf top light, the underlying principles of weight.

Six, to select quality of pallets without non-standard pallets.

When seven, shelf storage, avoid entering the shelf bottom, safety first.