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Shelf factory in product materials need pay attention to what

Oct 27, 2016

With the development of Ningbo market, the number of shelves in the market more and more, plays an increasingly important role in the market, for shelf factory on the material issues in need of attention, here.     

1. pressure resistance of material on shelf factory product, first of all need to be aware of is under pressure on concerns and resistance assurance is very necessary because requirements are relatively high on the shelves under pressure, depending on pressure on the sustainability of classified material. 

2. wear resistance material on shelf factory product, still is in need of attention on the wear resistance of attention, wear resistance considerations, in order to avoid in the shelves being scratched, resulting in service life are affected, need attention to improve the ability of shelf wear.

3. corrosion protection material on shelf factory product, final note of concern is on the corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance requirements, need to be taken to ensure excellent in corrosion resistance, especially in coastal cities of shelves, need to fight corrosion in functionality. Above all, material on shelf factory product, need to pay attention to these shelves in quality assurance plays a very important role.