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Cross Bar Merchandiser Kit

Jun 20, 2017

Victor Display offers an entire selection of Universal Crossbars, Accessories and display hooks ranging in many sizes. Crossbars are made to fit most types of gondola uprights and are a simple way to create tiered displays.  

The  Cross Bar merchandiser kit is designed to display tightly merchandised products like tooth brushes and more. It is fully compatible with standard, single or multi-pack hanging blister packs.

cross bar hooks.jpg

The Cross Bar Merchandiser can be used for many pegable products including: 

tooth brushes, jig saw blades, pens, pencils, office supplies, hobby products, automotive, and more.

Packed 2 bars/kit. Utilizes low cost stock products for a quick turn around on orders. 

Custom colors available. Custom lengths can be kitted together. Minimum quantities apply.