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Analysis on importance of warehouse

Oct 27, 2016

Is indispensable for storage shelves warehouse, warehouse shelves in the warehouse location is any equipment cannot replace, warehouse shelves can increase the utilization of warehouse in the warehouse, reducing warehouse.

Room pressure. Storage shelves can be used to improve enterprises ' warehouses, storage shelves warehouse is more clean and beautiful.

Warehouse shelves in all walks of life are widely used, type used is based on warehouse shelves warehouse size discrimination, according to warehouse size, and to select the type of storage shelves.

-Also known as corridor through warehouse shelves rack, drive-in racking. Shelf configuration on this system-intensive space utilization ratio is extremely high, almost twice times the tray type shelve, but must be large quantities and few varieties goods, goods have been advanced. Set the first unit of work, determine the specifications, the load of the tray and pile high. Determine the unit shelve span, depth, spacing, according to the warehouse roof truss along height determine the height of the shelves. Regional warehouse shelves against the wall total depth is best controlled at 6 pallets in depth, the middle area can be both in and out of the warehouse shelves total depth is best controlled at 12 pallets in depth in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access. Stability of this type of storage system is weak, the shelve should not be too high, should normally be controlled within 10m, and in order to strengthen the stability of the whole system, apart from the specifications, the selection was great, and also subject to the securing devices.