Buy 3 or 4 Inch S Hooks HS003

Buy 3 or 4 inch S hooks

Product Details

Buy 3 or 4 inch S hooks HS003

Product Introduction

Model number

S-Hooks HS003

Product name

Buy 3 or 4 inch S hooks HS003



Hook Opening Diameter

0.75 inch (19 mm)

Metal Thickness

0.07 inch (1.78mm)

Overall Length

2inch, 3 inch, 4inch, or Custom Size




White Grey


Zinc Plating or Powder Coated

S hooks HS003 are used in lifting, the s-hook can be looped into rope or chain or bar. The S-shape makes attaching and removal of the hook easy. The shape also adds to its strength to distribute weight evenly on both hooks. S hooks are Perfect for hanging pots, pans and kitchen utensils, clothes, shop fitting, bathroom, camping hanging and so on ad great for hanging plants outdoor, in greenhouses and balconies Now matter you want to buy 3 inch hooks or 4 inch hooks, S hooks are available in various sizes.

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